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Pregnancy healthcare in Rotterdam

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Complete care for your pregnancy and birth

Welcome to our practice! For years we are working together with much pleasure. Giving birth is a special and intense event which we want to support as well and as personal as possible. Here you will find attentive care for your pregnancy and childbirth under the same roof. Whether you want to give birth in your bath at home or with pain relief at the hospital, your wish is our primary focus.
The Midwifery Practice Bergweg consists of five midwives and one acting midwife. We also have a sonographer and two practice assistants working here.
We are all registered on the midwife quality register of the Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives. Additionally, we use high quality ultrasound scanning equipment. This enables us to perform the screening scans (combinationtest and 20 week scan) as well as the dating scan and growth scan at our practice. In addition, many other activities are organised so you can receive all care, from childplanning to anticonception, with us.
We strive for you to have met and spoken to, every midwife at least once before you give birth, so you will see a familiar face during labour. Do you want to see only two or three midwives during a given period? Let us know so we can adjust our care to your situation!

Esther van der Ham

Midwife, sonographer

Femke Karels

Midwife, sonographer, baby wearing consultant

Linda Marks

midwife, sonographer

Astrid van der Linden

midwife, lactation consultant IBLCL, baby wearing consultant

Ligia Teixeira

midwife, sonographer

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Little heart consultation

every Tuesday night there is a walk-in open office between 18:30 and 19:00 you are welcome to use this extra time to listen to the baby's heartbeat.

Supporting breastfeeding

Weekly walk-in open office hour for breastfeeding women led by a lactation consultant. During the autumn holiday there is no walk in hour on:  4 oktober

We place intrauterine device's

Information on anticonception and prescribing anticonception.


Babywearing walk-in and babywearing workshop: we often organise "babywearing hour" for information and help with baby carriers and babywearing.

Englisch pregnancy course

On our practice there is a one day englisch pregnancy course.

High client valuation

Our clients rate our care with a 9.1!

Your pregnancy in 42 weeks

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